Everything begins with a thought

Do you ever wonder why you seem to be stuck in the same pattern, day after day, month after month, year after year?

The reason is simple. It´s because of your mindset. Everything starts with a thought and every thought creates an emotion and your emotions determine your actions and your actions create your reality. So when you want to make changes in your life you must first take a good look at your thoughts, because that´s where the magic starts.

Change your thoughts, change your life, it really is that simple. So many people go through life thinking they cannot change. How many times have you heard someone say” I can´t change, this is just how I am”? Or this classic ” you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”. Do you really belief this, or have you just heard this so many times that you have started to agree with this?

We as humans are just creatures of habit. Our lives are filled with habits, good ones like brushing our teeth and bad ones like waiting until the last moment to finish a project. To create new habits we first have to look at the thought pattern that lies behind the habits.

It always amazes me how many people claim they cannot control their thoughts. Well then who the heck does control their thoughts? For me the main question is: why do people give others the power over their thoughts? So I am just going to burst your bubble. You are in control of your own thoughts, so step up and take responsibility for them. Just admit that sometimes you think thoughts that you know are not good for you. It´s ok we all do it. Once you take responsibility for your thoughts you can begin to chose thoughts that are good for you. Now, how do you know which thoughts are good for you? Thoughts that make you feel good, lead to positive actions for you are the ones the create a good reality for you.

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