Self love and happiness

I am here to tell you that once you truly love yourself, everything else falls into place. Once you let go of the figurative hammer you are constantly holding over your head, and you start to appreciate all the amazing things that you do every day, you will start to feel self love.

A few years ago I went through a bad patch, and when I say a bad patch, I am talking about a period that lasted for almost a year, where I hardly slept, hardly ate, drank too much wine and cried until my nose started to bleed. If a friend had been going through that bad patch, I would have been there, with love, understanding, empathy, hugs, chocolate and kisses. Anything to help my friend get through this. What did I do for myself? Well none of that I can tell you, even when my mother (who is amazing by the way) said that I should talk to myself that way I would talk to a friend. Still I could not give myself what I mostly needed during this time. I still could not say ” You are doing the best you can, it´s ok to be sad, it´s ok to grieve, you are amazing to get up every day even when you feel like you cannot face the world”. It wasn´t until I was almost finished with my coaching course (that lasted a whole year) that I realised that I simply did not love myself, because I did not know who to love. Nobody had ever taught me to love myself. It took time and effort, practice and pain. I did not wake up one day and just feel the love. No this was a conscious effort to make a lasting change in my life a change that would spread into all areas of my life and affect the way I go through life. It has changed how I parent, my relationships with friends, my career and most of all it has changed how I perceive myself.

You too, can learn how to truly make a lasting change in your life, all through the art of self loving. All you have to do is drop me a line and together we find the right path for you towards self love.

Once you start to love and accept yourself, happiness will follow.

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