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Hi, I´m Lísa and I am just an ordinary woman who realised one day that if I didn´t make changes in my life then there would be no future for me. What I did has worked wonders for me and now I teach women to take action and be the bosses of their own lives.
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  • Kom videre med kreativitet

    Jeg var en som gik igennem livet uden at mærke mine følelser. Det er måske ikke helt rigtigt, jeg kunne mærke en voldsom smerte i mit hjerte. Jeg koblede den…

  • Identitet

    Har du nogensinde tænkt over hvem du virkelig er? Hvem er du og hvad har skabt den person du tror du er? Da det gik op for mig at jeg…

  • Emotions

    Emotions, feelings the stuff that makes life what it is. What we are experiencing in our bodies as a result of the thoughts in our minds. Our state of being…

  • Everything begins with a thought

    Do you ever wonder why you seem to be stuck in the same pattern, day after day, month after month, year after year? The reason is simple. It´s because of…

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